Comment week3 for Nikola

Hi Nikola, You have seen in our twenty- first century city exactly what Blake perceived in his London. We too are fearful, are sad, are bound too tightly to the worlds of commerce and the multinationals. As ordinary human- beings we are being locked out by charters and agreements between governments and business, we are being disenfranchised and deprived of so many rights and privileges. We are as humans mostly  sad and despairing. You capture this well in your ‘London’ poem.
The  3rd and 4th stanzas of his poem I believe  though are still  relevant, we still have individuals needing to “sell” themselves, whether on the legal market as labour , a human resource in order to get a job, or in the darker world of having to sell their bodies.  Our soldiers die overseas, and their “blood run’s down palace walls. All this in today’s world still demeans our value as human  beings, destroys families and darkens our souls.
Blake it seems, is still as relevant for us today as he was in his century.


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